Equine Assisted Coaching

Coaching with horses is the alchemy of connecting the human heart and spirit in the service of others.

Begin your connection now and discover if Equine Assisted Coaching and Leadership Development is right for you or your business!


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Power of the Herd

Equine Assisted Leadership!

A necessary step toward leadership and performance enhancement is recognizing the authentic leadership roles that people naturally assume in any given situation, and strengthening the additional roles needed to inspire and deliver excellence.

  • Evidence-based concepts built upon 20 years of global corporate leadership development, executive coaching and organization development.
  • Integrates Linda Kohanov’s 5 Roles of the Master Herder.
  • Results in higher performing teams.

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 Unique & Transformative Accredited Coach Training~

This pathway is the for you if you are ready to commit to the deepest and most transformative work of your life! Accredited coaching and facilitation training for the individual who…

  • Wants to build a professional career in the field of personal and professional transformation!

  • Is ready to break free of their own self-imposed limitations.

  • Understands that their soul’s work requires a ‘herd’ of support and guidance.



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Explore Personal Transformation~A Deep Dive into Self

Follow this path if you want to shed eons of inner clutter so you can step into and embody all the Light and Love you are.  To make this a reality NOW, explore this path to reveal…

    • Your hidden jewels that have been unconscious for so long.
    • How this newfound spark fits into your life and/or business.
    • The sacred life and work that you have always wanted.
    • Old patterns and behaviors that are keeping you from living this life.

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The Art of Combining (ICF) Coaching and Equine Facilitation

What makes this program so unique is its focus on the art of inviting horses in as experiential learning partners to deepen the coaching. This art is about combining coaching with equine facilitation to create the true magic that unfolds when the human and horse coach work in partnership, in service of the client.
~ Barb Korosec (New York)CPCC, ACC, Equine Alchemy Certified Coach

Join us for our Free monthly teleclass series, revealing the heart

“Conscious Coaching Case Studies”!

Join us as we go ‘behind the scenes’ in one of my Equine Assisted Coaching sessions!  What do I do, when and why are just some of the Masterful Coaching Tips you will receive from this cutting edge experience!

Each month we deconstruct an actual equine assisted coaching session!  Equine Alchemy’s mission is to inspire conscious transformation in ourselves and others through coaching and horses.

Our monthly Case Study Tele-Class is part of living that mission through offering our students, graduates and potential new herd members an opportunity to deepen and understand the empowering process of conscious transformation coaching from the heart!! 

Coaching Case Studies!

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