What is Equine Alchemy?

Personal and Professional Growth through the Way of the Horse!

  • What do you believe in?
  • Do you have insufficient nourishment to support those beliefs?
  • Are you expending too much energy for short term gain?
  • Do you lack the ability to sustain what you want in your life?
  • Have you always ‘known’ that there is more inside of you that is just waiting to get out!?

Equine Alchemy and Coaching with Horses is the sacred space to explore these answers…and more….

What can horses teach us about life?

Our lives are so often based upon how we are in relationship; with yourself and others. As herd animals, horses are the consummate coaches of being in relationship. They live their lives without judgment and from their 8.5 lbs hearts; the cornerstones of human relationships!  And…they can teach us how to do the same. Imagine…a life free from judgement, of yourself, your life and others and from your heart!

Since 1985, Lisa Murrell’s approach to Executive, Life and Business coaching has been dedicated to helping people establish heart based living.   Through her expertise in the field of experiential learning and group coaching she has developed a fully integrated method that takes Equine Assisted Coaching far beyond simple reflective round pen exercises or experiential learning games (that don’t need a live and sentient being) approach of other programs.

She offers you a her own proven successful coach approach, Multi-level systemic Coaching™ based upon 20 years of coaching individuals and group and integrates it with the horse wisdom needed to bring about true transformation.

Our entire program is based upon our belief that these majestic beings are much more than a tool for experiential learning or an object to mirror people. We here at Equine Alchemy truly honor the horses as full partners in the coaching process.

Come join us.  Isn’t it time you began a path to living the life you really want?  We would be honored to be your human and equine guides!

Lisa Murrell – www.equinealchemy.com  |  www.metacg.com  |  www.effectiveleadershipcoaching.com – 845-687-4324

Why Hire Lisa?

…I now measure my life in terms of before Lisa Murrell’s exquisite equine experience and what now comes afterwards.  “There are some moments in life, rare and precious, that are truly transformational. For me, I now measure my life in terms of before Lisa Murrell’s exquisite equine experience and what now comes afterwards. If you are a coach who wants to take your practice to a transcendent place,… or an individual who yearns to find a way of being graceful and easy in the world, then Lisa’s equine coaches are the ones who can take you there.”
Lable Braun, Veteran Individual and Organizational Change Agent


Lisa Murrell’s Conscious Reinvention of her life from farm girl to international model to mother and global business  coach is an extraordinary story of courage and heartbreak; high highs and low lows. A globally successful business and life coach, Lisa’s most recent (and she feels final) conscious reinvention is through Equine Alchemy, combining coaching and horses.

Alchemy was medieval chemists’ attempts to turn base metals into gold. Equine Alchemy does the same but the riches derived from working with horses is full of emotional enrichment and lessons learned about self and consistently proves to be much more valuable than gold.

Her Business Breakthrough Process and unconventional path of growth and development has helped clients improve customer satisfaction by 90%! She has guided them to re-envision their companies to create as much as 500% sales growth, and has coached them through re-designing their business that resulted in a 400% increase in profitability!

Enlist a 1200-pound partner to achieve a remarkable change in the dynamic of your life and business. Yes! Equine-assisted coaching, through equine facilitated experiential learning (EFEL) is about partnering with horses to:

  • Build on your potential in areas of work or life effectiveness
  • Identify and fulfill your personal mission
  • Address specific challenges related to work or personal life
  • Make powerful improvements in areas of work-life balance, relationships,
    or personal well-being
  • Build trust and discover your authenticity and power

The experience of working with horses requires a relationship with another being and an acute awareness of boundaries-yours and theirs-as well as skill in interpreting body language. Most importantly, the horse requires authentic communication. Twenty minutes in the round pen with a horse will take these powerful, insightful concepts off the page, out of your head, and anchor them into your entire being. This is the most effective way to learn how to co-create a relationship you will ever experience.

“Lisa is incredibly effective at coaching for several reasons. First of all, she cares. I feel strongly that she is truly committed to my personal and professional success. She has taken the time to get to know my work and my issues, and is able to offer a valuable outside perspective on the decisions I make. Second, she is willing to challenge me, to confront me, and to hold me accountable for the things that I say I need to do to get breakthrough performance in my work. She does this with a sense of humor, but never lets me slack off.” ~Scott Shively, Vice President, Global Commercial Disease Area, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals

“Lisa … guided me, supported me and held that sacred space of possibility for me, that made it possible to  discover myself in a true way. It is only from this empowered authenticity that I want to live and work.”   Annemeiken Van Reepingen, MD and Psychologist, Belgium

“Lisa’s Business Breakthrough Process supported me to take my new company from a $700,000.00 loss to an average net profit of 12%. Developing my Personal Leadership strengths was a big step. Consistent coaching support allowed me to grow and change enabling the rise in profits. I now have the skills to manage their growth and enjoy the process!” ~Robert Tonner, Robert Tonner Doll Company

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