Experience the Transformational Power of the Horse…

Alchemy was medieval chemists’ attempts to turn base metals into gold. Equine Alchemy does the same but the riches derived from working with horses is full of emotional enrichment and lessons learned about self and consistently proves to be much more valuable than gold.

The experience of working with horses requires a relationship with another being and an acute awareness of boundaries-yours and theirs-as well as skill in interpreting body language.

Live a Life of Conscious Reinvention.

I have reinvented myself several times over the years from farm girl to international model to mother and global business coach. I have been blessed to have achieved success and failure in all of these reinventions and that’s good news for you!I learned a unique set of skills that I want to share!

These skills have contributed to 3 six figure businesses including a globally successful business and life coaching practice.

~Lisa Murrell

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Imagine…a life free from judgement ~ of ourselves,

our lives and others.

Natalie Oly

Our lives are so often based upon how we are in relationship; with ourselves and others. As herd animals, horses
are the consummate coaches
of being in relationship! They live their lives without judgment
from their 8.5 lbs hearts; the cornerstone of human relationships.

And…they can teach us how to do the same.

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