Tibor - Horse Sense for Humans
What a great day to be napping…I’ve been jumping and running and now my human, Lisa, is outside the gate inviting me to play! Oh…who is this other human? She seems kind.
She is very sweet as she puts on my halter. I can feel her care. Yes, she’s used to caring for others. She must be very good at it yet something about her feels tentative and unclear.
Outside of the round pen I can feel her energy inviting me in; nice. Hmmm, let’s see what happens when she comes in. As she stands in the center I feel something like pressure that wants to come out of her; like it’s pushing against me.

I’m standing very still, and I see her but it doesn’t feel the same as when she was putting on my halter or as she was outside the pen. And now I don’t feel the pressure anymore either. Wait, she’s saying something. Ahhh, there it is, the pressure and then it just dissolves. Whew! What a relief! (Lick and chew, lick and chew; sneeze). Now I can just stand here in this even, peaceful energy.

Hmmm, what? I must have dozed off. I still feel this human but I guess I must have taken a bit of a nap. But something woke me up!! I feel the need to stretch up very tall and stretch out my hind legs. Yes, that feels better! That’s funny; this human seems bigger somehow.

Now she’s picking up the brush and touching me so nicely! (Lick and chew…) Oh…she wants me to move over, ok, I’m moving, but I seem to feel like I have to sleep again. I don’t really feel her anymore…I don’t understand, she asks me to move, I do and then…nothing. This is really confusing.

More talking, crying…she’s coming over to me and being very kind again. Something is different about her now. She feels very clear to me; no wavering energy. Just clear openness. This human seems bigger and brighter, yet still kind and gentle. I wonder if she knows she can take just as good of care of others if she’s clear, big and bright?”