Client Attraction

From the Inside – Out!

Join Equine Alchemy’s Conscious Business Workshop


“Client Attraction from the Inside Out”

A 2-day EQUINE POWERED learning experience!

FOCUS: alignment and integration of your internal beliefs and values
with practical tools and business design to create the
professional success you desire!

Feelin Great

Client Attraction starts with YOU!
You have a unique and transformational Super Power to help move others
from stuck, scared and powerless to inspired, brave and em-powered.

Over the course of our 2 days you will come away with…

…the Skills and Confidence to share your transformational gifts.

… your own Unique Business Blueprint for moving forward.

… the ability to attract Clients you most want to play with!

an Alignment of your skills and talents with the Value of what you offer.

… the reality that you ‘Deserve’ to be compensated for your service.

Feel Great about your Packages and Pricing!

Rainbow over Woodbine EquineAlchemy.comJoin Us in beautiful
Raleigh, North Carolina 

Dates: Thursday and Friday
November 10th & 11th, 2016

(25 minutes from the Raleigh Airport)

Bring a guest for only *$197

This is the perfect opportunity to strategize with a partner or associate, or simply introduce an ally to the business you are creating!


*Guest price is only valid for new participants to Equine Alchemy programs


My deep gratitude to Lisa Murrell and Schelli Whitehouse for the teachings that got me to this moment,
and the rest of my gal herd for your ongoing support….bathing in confidence and happiness after
wrapping up my first EFL workshop.


WOW, 2 days of amazing experiences and I cannot tell you how I feel!!

~ Pia Ault

Believe it or not, client attraction is as much of an ‘inside job’ as it is about practical applications. Most business training and marketing courses are filled with bullet points on the practical and technical aspects of getting clients.

Unfortunately, after hundreds and even thousands of dollars worth of training, most people still struggle in this area because their internal foundation is not congruent with their external actions.

If you work with horses, you know that when you are not internally and externally aligned (head, heart & gut) then you are not attractive to the horses (or humans). In order to become ‘attractive’ to the people you want to work with, you must be in alignment with all aspects of who you are, what you offer and who you serve.

The reality is, there are two equally important aspects of client attraction – internal and external. Energetic and Practical. Both are required in order to create a fully formed business model for success!

Carole Insight

Join Us for 2 days of Internal and External alignment…

In addition to the practical tools and the design exercises we will work with, we will also engage in the energetic exploration and alignment of your beliefs and habits that have been preventing you from the success you desire.

We just might uncover some beliefs and values that are just waiting to be ‘unbridled’ in support of the next highest version of YOU!

Each day will include lecture, discussion, horse play and private work time.

Here is some of what you can expect… 

An opportunity to complete a “baseline” worksheet to help you prepare for our time together. 
We’ll have you submit the worksheet to us after enrollment as you will refer to again while you refine your authentic identity throughout our 2 days together!

Internal – Energetic Focus

Create your Sacred Space
Develop Personal Awareness and Emotional Agility
Discover Deep rooted Values and Emerging Beliefs
Learn Internal Practices and Discipline


External – Practical Manifestation 

Define or Refine Your Programs & Services
Determine Your Right Pricing for Value and Transformation
Understand Marketing from the Heart – Communication and Connection
Design the Blueprint for Your Unique Business!



A client’s decision to work with you is an emotional commitment on their part (even if they are not aware of it). Bringing people to an encounter with the horses is a matter of value and trust. They must trust that you can provide a valuable learning experience for them to move to the next level of their own awareness. They must trust you.


You are the most important ‘attractor-factor’!


Client Attraction from the Inside – Out!
November 10th & 11th
Now for only $497 (save $100 with the full pay option!)

Full Pay Option


2-Pay Option – $297 Deposit
$300 balance due in 30 days

3-Pay Option




Bring a Guest for ONLY $197!

You will receive information on how to enroll a guest once you are registered!


We look forward to helping you create the most consciously abundant business possible!

Yours in Success, from the Inside-Out!
~Lisa and Schelli



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