Equine Alchemy invites you to wake up and step into your gifts through…

Equine Assisted Coaching

Coaching with horses is the alchemy of connecting the human heart and spirit in the service of others.

You can begin your journey of raising awareness in the world through coaching and horses right here, right now.

Equine Alchemy’s ICF Approved Coach Training Programming is a powerful first step.


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This ground-breaking Equine Assisted Coach Certification Program is a combination of International Coach Federation Coaching skills and Horse Wisdom insights.  Plus is the ONLY certification program that gives you the following skills.

~ Ability to powerfully apply International Coach Federation Coaching to serve individuals and groups.

~ Further employ Eponaquest Equine Facilitated Learning through proven group processing skills.

~ Create a transformational experience for your client through the seamless integration of these 2 skills.

Join Lisa Murrell on your journey to becoming a Master Equine Assisted Coach!

“It’s all about boundaries…it’s been life changing for my marriage…”


              Carissa Miller ~Equine Alchemy Coach Graduate

“It was one of the most life changing experiences I’ve ever had…”


Peggy Aagard ~ Equine Alchemy Coach in Training

kenneth buck

Equine Alchemy’s EAC is life altering and well worth every dollar and travel mile spent!

Coaching is all about transformational change and designing the future.

At a little more than half-way through Equine Alchemy’s Equine Assisted Coach Certification programming, I realize that I have already experienced very large quantities of both, not so much in who I am, more so on how I am, including a restored passion for where I’m going. I am well on my way toward achieving a long held “life-work” dream that less than a year ago I believed was simply impossible.

Kenneth W. Buck, Equine Alchemy Certified Coach, ACC,
www. HorseCentred.com

Is Equine Alchemy’s ICF Approved Equine Assisted Coaching Certification Right for YOU?

Are you ready to…

  • Have the credibility you need for people to take you and this powerful work seriously (and pay you handsomely for it!)
  • Develop heart-centered courage to step into your gifts and power (so you can go beyond problem solving and facilitate transformation for your clients).
  • Know how to create a sustainable coaching business (that not only pays for itself, but pays you as well.)
  • Create a business that goes beyond the workshop format of EFL and provides a consistent income.


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Approved Coach Training Programming by the International Coach Federation


We’ll share with you our 25+ Years of Coaching Individuals and Groups in Personal and Business Success from all around the world!

Equine Alchemy is the “integration” of coaching and equine facilitated learning.

Equine Alchemy logo

Horse Wisdom and Insights from Equine Alchemy Approach to Equine Guided Learning


You will experience the integration of Equine Alchemy’s approach, (including the basics of Eponaquest), to equine guided learning with the core competencies of the ICF to create an entirely new level of Equine Assisted Coaching to achieve personal and professional transformation!

“There is a huge need for
this work for men…”

              Chris Hover~Certified Equine Alchemy Coach

My journey with Equine Alchemy

This transferred to my life on multiple levels, including making me a much sharper, more masterful coach, an unstoppable business owner, and a worthy partner in relationships!

Annemieken Van Reepingen
Pyschologist / MD

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