Finding Your Sacred Path

through Equine Assisted Coaching


…a NEW 4 Week

Equine Alchemy Coaching

Experience to explore the way of

the horse and your connection

to it! 


Through this experience, Equine Alchemy offers a Sacred Path to self-discovery and transformation with masterful coaching from humans and horses to inspire and hold your sacred space of possibility.

You will learn awareness and mindfulness skills to ‘re-member’ who you really are enabling you to live fully and manifest the life you want.  Are you ready for your own power and authenticity? Are you…


Mentally Ready

Would not taking this path be in alignment with your authentic self?

Is this the time in your life for transformation?

Can you be an entrepreneur?

Emotionally Ready

Do you long for community that loves, honors and respects each other and horse wisdom?

Are you willing to commit to the personal development required to manifest this?

Spiritually Ready

Is Coaching one of your gifts?

Do you trust life’s flow and know deep in your heart the path with horses is right for you?

Is this your sacred path?

Equine Alchemy’s Coaching Experience is for those of you who…

  • Want to discover and experience Equine Assisted Coaching 
  • Are ready to explore your personal and spiritual path with and without horses
  • May or may not want to make a business of EAC

If you’ve been waiting for just the right moment to take the leap into your highest self, the Equine Alchemy Coaching Experience is perfect for you! 

We’ve done everything we can with your well-being, time schedule, pocket book and energy source in our hearts so that you can finally say “yes!” to experiencing the Wisdom of Horses and Coaching!

Connection -

What We Will Be Doing?

You will have five coaching sessions on your Sacred Path to self-discovery and transformation while learning awareness and mindfulness skills to ‘re-member’ who you really are enabling you to live fully and manifest the life you want. 

  • 3 Live Virtual Group Coaching Sessions
  • 1 Private Check-in Session after the 3 virtual calls
  • Plus as a special bonus included in this course…

Equine Alchemy’s 2 day in-person

“The Experience” with the horses!!

This incredible and completely unique experience is worth $2500
However, since this is the official launch of this opportunity with us…

We are offering you a one-time only investment of $1200 (more than half off) for the first beta group beginning October 26th, 2017! 

The next class begins January 18, 2018!  If you sign up in 2017 you can still get this beta group price!!

And…if you decide to join the entire Equine Assisted Coaching Training Program, you can apply your investment to the cost of the course!

Click here to sign up for this never been done before series, (except by us!)

Yes! I Am Ready! Full Pay         Yes! I Am Ready! 2 Pay $600


I asked Equine Alchemy students and graduates what they wish they had known BEFORE they committed to a year long Equine Assisted Coaching Program.  I based this entire experience upon their responses.

Pia Ault

“…more clear information about how Equine Alchemy is different from other schools of thought or models to help potential students make informed choices. ”

~ Pia Ault, ICF (PCC),
Equine Alchemy Certified Coach

“…we weren’t prepared for how the program would rock our inner worlds…” 

~ Sheila Gallagher,
Equine Alchemy Certified Coach

Christa Hendrick

“This is not just about “coaching”, it is about personal transformation enabling you to assist others in their transformations.”

~ Christa Hendricks, ICF (ACC), Equine Alchemy Certified Coach

Are you ready for a powerful self-discovery experience? 

Is it time for you to ‘re-member’ aspects of yourself that have lain hidden for so long?

Are you ready to begin your next adventure? 

Then this Sacred Path is for you!

Yes! I Am Ready! Full Pay                                      Yes! I Am Ready! 2 Pay $600

“Is it possible, I asked myself, that I am being summoned from some deep and holy place within? Am I being asked to enter a passage in the Spiritual life, the journey from false self to true self? Am I being asked to dismantle old masks and patterns and unfold a deeper, more authentic self, the one I intended to be? Am I being compelled to disturb my inner universe in quest of the undiscovered being who clamors from within? ”  ~Sue Monk Kidd

Yes! I Am Ready! Full Pay                                                    Yes! I Am Ready! 2 Pay $600

Our mission here at Equine Alchemy is to hold the sacred space for you to see your life, behavior patterns, and assumptions in a way that will give you the information you need for action toward living the life and business of your dreams!

We support you to move into the Sacred Space of Possibility through coaching and horses.
From there …well, we’ve discovered anything is possible!

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