Equine Alchemy’s Leadership and Team Development Experience;
‘The Five Roles of the Master Herder’

Equine Alchemy Leadership Experience…

 Combines 20 years of Organization Development, Leadership and Executive Coaching and “horse sense” to bring you and your organization insight and awareness to Socially Intelligent Leadership that will fast track your leadership and performance.

Horses Have So Much To Tell Us About Leadership…

Leadership Development with horses brings to life over fifteen years of research, experimentation, and experience. You will take-away (and own) horse-inspired insights on the nonverbal elements of exceptional communication, action and leadership to benefit your workplaces and relationships.

The Equine Alchemy experience provides a safe environment to test and practice new learning. Our approach to experiential learning with horses is suited for teams focused on developing advanced leadership capabilities that include:

Leadership Development Benefits:

  • Navigating complexity and uncertainty.
  • Developing collective leadership and collaboration skills.
  • Developing authenticity and presence.
  • Achieving adaptive leadership.


  • Owning our strengths and challenging self-limiting stories.
  • Understanding how unconscious behaviors influence our leadership and team performance.
  • Growing Emotional and Social Intelligence.
  • Aligning intent with message.
  • Leading with real authority.

Leadership development results in higher performing teams

Team Development Benefits

  • Clarity of mission, goals, and team priorities.
  • Clarity of each team member’s role and points of intersection.
  • Enhanced commitment to the team over parochial/functional self-interest.
  • A sense of ownership/accountability for results.
  • Development and comfort with conflict resolution skills.
  • Commitment to individual and team progress assessments for sustainable growth and results.

“While I had an idea around the concept of experiential learning, I did not really know what to expect. Working with the horses, however, was one of the best experiences I’ve had in terms of gaining immediate and unbiased feedback. The exercise that we did became a very clear metaphor for me in terms of how my team currently approaches tasks and what will happen if we do not make specific adjustments in order to achieve our overall objectives related to product launch. The horses are better feedback mechanisms with respect to leadership assessment than any manufactured management tool. It was great learning.” ~

Keeshia Muhammad
Corporate Senior Director, Strategy and Commercial Development, Altana Pharma

Let's Have a ConversationEmail us at Lisa@equinealchemy.com, or check out our Corporate Site www.metaintegrate.com  Give us a call now at 845-430-0590 to find out more…

“…my experience here has been mind boggling to say the least.”


power vs force

Power vs. Force…

Do you feel like you have to force your organization to move??  In Equine Alchemy’s Leadership Development Experiences you will learn the critical differences between the appropriate use of the Dominant Role and the destructive impact of the ‘Immature Dominant’ role on performance as explained in Linda Kohanov’s 5 specific roles of leadership employed by the master herders of nomadic pastoral cultures.

Consensual Leadership

5 Roles of Powerful Leadership…

Equine Alchemy’s Leadership Development Experience explores and experiences The Five Roles of the Master Herder to create an accelerated learning environment where participants develop the ability to build and enhance emotional and social intelligence. 

The result: a solid foundation for innovation, creativity and impeccable performance.


Participants will learn and engage in…

  • Exploring unconscious influences in relationships

  • Using your own body as a “sensing device” capable of reading the unspoken moods/concerns of co-workers, employees, and clients

  • Using emotions as information, professionally (without, ironically, discussing the emotions themselves)

  • Engaging non-verbal leadership skills associated with assertiveness, timing, focus, energy modulation, motivation, experimentation, and boundaries-in-motion—with sensitivity to the needs of others

  • Setting boundaries in ways that create mutually respectful relationships

  • Balancing embodied reason and embodied intuition in realizing a goal

  • Recognizing and moving beyond limiting behavior and thought patterns to achieve optimal performance


Equine Alchemy participants

“It’s a strategic renewal…a way to step back and reflect on our leadership in a completely different way…”



What makes Equine Alchemy’s Leadership Development Experience different from other Equine Assisted Business Development Programs?

Lisa Murrell, founding partner of Equine Alchemy and MetaSystem Integrated Strategies, has spent the last 20 years working globally to help her clients achieve breakthrough results in business development and team/executive coaching.

Lisa has developed the only ICF Approved Coach Training Programming in the world using her extensive experience in both coaching and business development with horse wisdom.

happy participant

“Imagine what we can accomplish when we finally understand how to be powerful, together.”

“Nurturers, companions, leaders, and dominants are all crucial to herd cohesiveness. Members tend to play more than one role, though rarely all four.

The thing about being human among animals ten times your size is that you really do need to perform all of these roles well to become a Master Herder, especially in the great unfenced backcountry where freedom abides.”

Linda Kohonav, The Power of the Herd and The Five Roles of the Master Herder

What Will You Come Away With? 

  • The basics of team development dynamics and their application with horses.
  • Critical aspects of leadership for individuals and teams for optimal performance.
  • Experience and effectiveness in using MetaSystem Integrated Strategies and Equine Alchemy's Leadership Coaching System incorporating Linda Kohanov's 5 Roles of the Master Herder.
  • Logistics of workshop delivery, including debriefing activities and capturing issues, discoveries, actions and strengths.
  • Program design and selecting horse activities to meet client goals.
  • Certification and credibility you need to differentiate yourself from others who offer Leadership with Horses.
  • A sustainable offer to the corporate world that will pay for you and your horses what you both deserve!

So that you can...

  • Meet your clients where they are; with knowledge, experience and confidence.
  • Develop the coaching and organization development skills you need to add real value to your clients.
  • Continue to powerfully move the work of leadership and horses forward through evidence based leadership and team building methodologies.


What's Included...

  • Four online lessons live with Lisa (all are recorded with transcripts!)
  • Two 3-Day Intensives with the Horses, including The 5 Roles of the Master Herder
  • Equine Alchemy's Proprietary Personal Leadership Assessment
  • Equine Assisted Leadership Development Play Book
  • Possibility of supporting Lisa on a Leadership Team Intervention
    (Depending upon Schedules and Bookings)

“Working with the horses…was one of the best experiences I’ve had in terms of gaining immediate and unbiased feedback.”

“While I had an idea around the concept of leadership and horses, I didn't really know what to expect.  The exercises we did became very clear metaphors for how my team currently approaches tasks. The horses are better feedback mechanisms with respect to leadership assessment than any manufactured management tool. It was great learning.” ~

Keesha Muhammad

Corporate Senior Director, Strategy and Commercial Development, Altana Pharma

Let us help you get started!!!


Bobbi McIntyreOur mission at Equine Alchemy is to hold the sacred space for you to see your life, behavior patterns, and assumptions in a way that will give you the information you need for action toward living the life and business of your dreams!

We provide an evolutionary path of personal awareness. We believe that coaching with horses is a sacred calling and we want to do our part in raising the consciousness of the human race by helping as many people as possible through this work. 

We support you to move into the Sacred Space of Possibility and from there…well, we've discovered anything is possible!

Equine Assisted Coach Training Certification

ICF Circle 20 yearsUnique & Transformational Accredited Coach Training

This pathway is for you if you are ready to commit to the deepest, most transformative work of your life! International Coach Federation accredited coaching and facilitation training is for the individual who...

♥ Wants a career in the field of personal and professional transformation!

♥ Is ready to break free of their own self-imposed limitations.

♥Understands that their soul's work requires a 'herd' of support and guidance.


Follow This Path


Equine Assisted Leadership Development! 


Power of the HerdA necessary step toward leadership and performance enhancement is recognizing the authentic leadership roles that people naturally assume in any given situation, and strengthening the additional roles needed to inspire and deliver excellence. 

Equine Alchemy Leadership Development Experience....

♥ Is built upon evidence-based concepts  through 20 years of global corporate leadership development, executive coaching and organization development.

♥ Integrates Linda Kohanov's 5 Roles of the Master Herder Leadership Model.

♥ Results in higher performing teams.

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Sacred Possibilities~ A Deep Dive into Self

Life is different now.  Have you noticed?  Our existence requires more from us than we've known in recent history.  It requires awareness, consciousness, clarity, self care and commitment to self.  It requires what I call 'Personal Leadership'.  To do this, we need connection and community.  Join the Alchemy of Possibilities and...  


  • Connect with the part of you that you've forgotten exists
  • Re-member who you always were and still are
  • Integrate and establish yourself in wholeness-spiritually, emotionally and physically
  • Reveal and release old patterns and beliefs that keep you away from your power and truth
  • Accept and immerse yourself in your inner knowing, wisdom and power
  • Live your life and relationships from here

Follow This Path

Transformation Rarely Happens in Minutes...

The Commitment is Ongoing.

When Lisa began Equine Alchemy she knew it had to be not only the utmost valuable for you; it had to be an extension of who she is.

Some of the questions she asks herself and answers on a regular basis that help keep her on course with what she delivers to you and how she embodies her work are…

Q: What are her core gifts, biggest strengths and assets?

A: Core Gifts:

  • Creating an abundant and sustainable Equine Assisted Coaching Practice through combining ICF Coaching and Equine Facilitated Learning.
  • Facilitating and holding the sacred space of possibility and transformation with and without horses.

A: Strengths and Assets:

  • 25 years of business coaching and consulting globally with corporations, big and small businesses and solopreneurs.
  • She loves fun!!! Humor is one of her core values!
  • She believes this work is sacred.
  • She is living exactly what she loves and brings that possibility to you!

Q: What does she want to be known for? What is the primary message or big picture vision she wants to convey in your life?

A: Known As...

  • The expert, go-to person, herd and standard in Equine Assisted Coaching.
  • The quintessential professional woman who had the vulnerability and courage to step into her transformation and as a result is doing what she loves.

A: Perceived and Experienced as...

  • The real thing, what you see is what you get.
  • A sherpa, guide--not guru.
  • The ultimate experience in consensual learning and accountability.
  • Authentic; she walks and lives her talk.
  • Safe, safe, safe to be challenged, challenged and challenged.
  • Along with the horses, an impeccably clear mirror for just what you need to see.

Q: What motivates her to do this work?

A: The way it makes her feel; joy, peace, on fire, passionate, grief, courage, vulnerability, delight, love, abundant, whole.

Are you ready to ask YOURSELF these questions? Are you ready for your answers?

We are!! Let's have a conversation...

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  • January 31-Feb 2 Atlanta
  • March 14-16 NM
  • May 2-4 New York
  • July 11-13 New York
  • August 8-10 New York
Private Coaching with Lisa Murrell

"It has been life-altering for me."

I thought I knew everything there is to be known about being present and relating well with others. I didn't think a horse could teach me anything new. I was in for a surprise! The horse I worked with turned out to be my greatest teacher and coach. He called me out when I went into my head and taught me new ways of relating and connecting with him. I also experienced personal boundaries at a whole new level. As a result of this experience, I find myself showing up more fully with the important people in my life. I highly recommend Lisa and her equine experience. It has been life-altering for me.

Eddie Marmol

Executive Coach at MasterCoaches

"…I now measure my life in terms of before Lisa Murrell's exquisite equine experience and what now comes afterwards."

"There are some moments in life, rare and precious, that are truly transformational. For me, I now measure my life in terms of before Lisa Murrell's exquisite equine experience and what now comes afterwards. If you are a coach who wants to take your practice to a transcendent place,… or an individual who yearns to find a way of being graceful and easy in the world, then Lisa's equine coaches are the ones who can take you there."

Lable Braun

Author, Individual and Organizational Change Agent

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