Is your organization looking for Powerful, Socially Intelligent and Conscious Leadership? 

Then you need something beyond conventional
Leadership Programs.

The Equine Alchemy of Conscious Leadership Experience…

 Combines 20 years of Organization Development, Leadership and Executive Coaching and “horse sense” to bring you and your organization insight and awareness to Socially Intelligent Leadership that will fast track your leadership and performance.

Horses Have So Much To Tell Us About Leadership…

The ‘Alchemy of Leadership Experience’ with horses brings to life over fifteen years of research, experimentation, and experience. You will take-away (and own) horse-inspired insights on the nonverbal elements of exceptional communication, action and leadership to benefit the realms of your workplaces and relationships.

alchemy of leadership

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“…my experience here has been mind boggling to say the least.”


power vs force

Power vs. Force…

Do you feel like you have to force your organization to move??  In the Alchemy of Leadership Experiences you will learn the critical differences in these two leadership styles and how to increase performance through recognizing and avoiding ‘Stone Age Power Tools’.


Consensual Leadership

Consensual Leadership…

Learn why and how Consensual Leadership is a much more effective leadership tool!! The Alchemy of Leadership Experience leverages 12 Guiding Principals of leadership to create an accelerated learning environment where participants develop the ability to build and enhance emotional and social intelligence.


“Working with the horses…was one of the best experiences I’ve had in terms of gaining immediate and unbiased feedback.”

“While I had an idea around the concept of experiential learning, I did not really know what to expect. Working with the horses, however, was one of the best experiences I’ve had in terms of gaining immediate and unbiased feedback. The exercise that we did became a very clear metaphor for me in terms of how my team currently approaches tasks and what will happen if we do not make specific adjustments in order to achieve our overall objectives related to product launch. The horses are better feedback mechanisms with respect to leadership assessment than any manufactured management tool. It was great learning.” ~

Keeshia Muhammad
Corporate Senior Director, Strategy and Commercial Development, Altana Pharma

Participants will learn and engage in…

  • Exploring unconscious influences in relationships

  • Using your own body as a “sensing device” capable of reading the unspoken moods/concerns of co-workers, employees, and clients

  • Using emotions as information, professionally (without, ironically, discussing the emotions themselves)

  • Engaging non-verbal leadership skills associated with assertiveness, timing, focus, energy modulation, motivation, experimentation, and boundaries-in-motion—with sensitivity to the needs of others

  • Setting boundaries in ways that create mutually respectful relationships

  • Balancing embodied reason and embodied intuition in realizing a goal

  • Recognizing and moving beyond limiting behavior and thought patterns to achieve optimal performance

Equine Alchemy participants

Interested in exploring how The Alchemy of Leadership Experiences can create transformation for your leadership program, executives or teams? 

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“It’s a strategic renewal…a way to step back and reflect on our leadership in a completely different way…”



What Makes the Alchemy of Leadership Experience different from other Equine Assisted Business Development Programs?

Lisa Murrell, founding partner of Equine Alchemy and MetaSystem Integrated Strategies, has spent the last 20 years working globally to help her clients achieve breakthrough results in business development and team/executive coaching.

Lisa has developed the only ICF Approved Coach Training Programming in the world using her extensive experience in both coaching and business development with horse wisdom.



happy participant

“Imagine what we can accomplish when we finally understand how to be powerful, together.”

“Nurturers, companions, leaders, and dominants are all crucial to herd cohesiveness. Members tend to play more than one role, though rarely all four.

The thing about being human among animals ten times your size is that you really do need to perform all of these roles well to become a Master Herder, especially in the great unfenced backcountry where freedom abides.”

Linda Kohonav, The Power of the Herd and The Five Roles of the Master Herder


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