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The Life and Work you Love

Watch Lisa Murrell in this powerful presentation about the role and importance of vulnerability in acquiring the life you want and the work you love. And how horses are the ultimate teachers!

Steeped in Ease and Grace

The power-of-the-herd is beautifully illustrated in this video from a one-day workshop we had in New Mexico (Summer of 2014). You can literally feel the ‘sacred possibilities’ through these images.

A Video Love Letter

Join Jessica Krane on her 18-month journey through the Equine Alchemy Accredited Coach Training Program! Her music and images offer a ‘taste’ of the deep learning and connections she experienced on this path.

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Interview with Horse World Connect and Lisa Murrell

by Heike Jung

A Conversation with the Real “Dr. Doolittle”!

In this short, easy to fit into your day chat, we discuss…

  1. What exactly is “Horse Sense for Humans”? What is the “Sense” they have for us?
  2. How are horses different than a dog or cat in this scenario?
  3. How do you “know” when you are in an ‘inter-subjective’ state of being? What does that feel like?
  4. What kind of training is necessary to facilitate this kind of work?

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How Self-Aware Are YOU?

Good coaches are very aware of their clients. However, conscious or not, your degree of self-awareness powerfully affects your coaching, your client and your life. Good coaches also know that self-management is essential to effective coaching. However, before we can manage ourselves, we need to be aware of what we need to manage.  Clear here to read the entire article!

V14N2_cover_email-150x200Coaching through Intersubjectivity

What can horses teach coaches about coaching?

When I am together with my horses, something happens.  Through connecting with them I actually connect to a different, more complete aspect of myself.  From that place I can engage with these equine sages in a powerful way and that includes communication. Click here to read the pdf...

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Leadership, Coaching and Horses!

Discover how Equine Alchemy graduate, Cindy Schwarz, and Lisa Murrell partner to share how Equine Assisted Coaching is developing the new leadership.  Click Here for the PDF!

Choice magazine coverWhere are you on YOUR Hero’s Journey? Find out through the Coach’s New Hero’s Journey!!

The Journey of an Equine Assisted Coach is it’s own Hero’s Journey! Coaching can be described as an archetype character on a journey of self-discovery to benefit others. It is a kind of new ‘hero’s journey’. And our journey definitely impacts the journey of our clients.  Click here to read the pdf…

Choice Relationship magazine coverHow You Are In One Relationship = How You Are In All Relationships!

If you want to know how you and your client handle relationships, notice how you are in relationship with each other. From a systems perspective, how you do anything is how you do everything! From the moment of contact, your client is telling you everything you need to know about how you and they are in relationship!! Click here for the pdf…

Choice magazine cover 2- Coach from the HeartWhat is happening when we “Coach from the Heart”?

More from Choice Magazine; the Magazine for Professional Coaches

If you really want to know what Coaching From the Heart is, read this article!  It is more than just words… as the horses well know!  Click here for the pdf…

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