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Case Study Series!


The definition of “case study” according to Merriam-Webster; a situation in real life that can be looked at or studied to learn about something.

That is exactly what we are doing during our successful Tele-Class: “Conscious Coaching Case Studies”!

Each month we will look at a ‘real life’ equine assisted coaching session to glean specific Masterful Coaching Tips that I’ve been using successfully for years!

The result?? Powerful coaching tools that contribute to conscious transformation for both the client and the coach!

Lisa and Schelli with horses

These Conscious Coaching Case Study Tele-Classes are one of a kind!  No where else can you find a class specifically dedicated to masterful equine assisted coaching with International Coach Federation Approval! 

And now you can have all SIX 2016 class recordings PLUS access to the first SIX classes and recordings of 2017 for the small, but very important for your success, investment of only $97!!

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You can join us live and in-person via web or phone! 

Would you like to listen to a previous Conscious Coaching Case Study?  Click → HERE ←


Just finally have a moment here to write to thank you for the profound experience that was the coaching case study you presented. Not just the content and the learning that came from that level, hearing about a real-life coaching session and the issues that arise…and the language of this process, but for me this call gave me such a sense of relaxation and ease, knowing that I just have to keep showing up, doing the work and being open, and I will get everything I need.
Diane Loffmin

Equine Alchemy Student

Our mission at Equine Alchemy is to inspire conscious transformation of ourselves and others through coaching and horses.  


It serves as a beacon for every decision we make. We ask ourselves, “Is this action or decision supporting our mission and the greater good of all concerned?”   

We believe that by sharing this valuable information with our students, graduates and possible new ‘herd members’ that we are doing what we can to not only raise consciousness, but to raise the quality of coaching (with or without horses) and bring more credibility and integrity to coaching with horses!

How can we do this for such a minimal investment of $97?  Because we want YOU to SUCCEED!  This world needs this powerful work, now more than ever!

Once you are registered you will receive all Six 2016 class recordings and a list of class dates for January through June 2017.

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I look forward to journeying this path together!

Join us.

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