Equine Alchemy’s Corporate Leadership and Team Development Certification


Based upon Lisa’s 20+ years of working with corporations globally, big and small. 


Designed to give you the skills and experience you need to…

Specifically create value for the small business or corporate client

and profitability for you

through Equine Assisted Leadership Development and Team/Executive Coaching!

Lisa knows how to work with businesses, organizations and teams.  From beginnings in Psychology and the graduate completion in Organization Development and Human Resources at Teacher’s College, Columbia University, she specializes in coaching c-level executives and team coaching to move their leadership skills, innovation and productivity to its highest potential.  She began integrating horses into this work in 2009.

She knows that Leadership and Team Development with horses is the powerful change that businesses and corporations in our society so desperately need

 To have a successful Equine Leadership Development Program you to….

  • Gain the certification and credibility you need to differentiate yourself from others who offer Leadership and Team Development with Horses.
  • Meet your clients where they are; with knowledge, experience and confidence.
  • Develop the coaching and organization development skills you need to add real value to your clients.
  • Continue to powerfully move the work of leadership and horses forward through evidence based leadership and team building methodologies


Equine Alchemy’s Leadership nefits:

  • Gain the basics of team development dynamics and how to move them forward
  • Learn the critical aspects of leadership for individuals and teams for optimal performance
  • Learn Executives and Team
  • Coaching
  • Learn how to combine all of the above with Equine Facilitated Learning
  • Create a sustainable offer to the corporate world that will pay for you and your horses what you both deserve!



“What might we accomplish if we finally understood how to be powerful, together? ~LK

“A seminal masterpiece, Linda Kohanov’s ‘The Five Roles of a Master Herder’ is a treasure of enlightened insights on how the nature of horse sense can help us find our balance between the lion and the lamb. Far beyond mere feel-good metaphors and self-help clichés, Kohanov clearly defines how non-predatory power can lead to an evolved level of emotional heroism and the genuinely empathetic emotional intelligence needed to heal a world suffering a crisis of predatory leaders. A must-read for anyone looking to light the way forward in a darkening, increasingly out-of-control world.”

Chris Irwin, author of Horses Don’t Lie and Dancing with Your Dark Horse

During these 3 days…

Day One:  The Five Roles of a Master Herder outdoor classroom will give you understanding and insight into the Five Roles and which role you might be playing in your life.


Days 2/3:  In-depth application and practice of these skills through a powerful combination of equine-facilitated learning activities and step-by-step processes that help people take these principles back to the human world.

During The Day One Outdoor Classroom you will…

  • Take the Master Herder Professional Assessment and receive coaching in how to interpret the results.
  • Discover the benefits and challenges of each role, as well as why balancing all five of the roles is necessary to success in your personal as well as professional life.
  • Learn innovative skills for handling conflict and for motivating and empowering others.


Full Immersion into the 5 Roles of the Master Herder Experience includes:

  • April 18th–Outdoor Classroom day
  • April 19/20th– 2 full days with Lisa and the horses (lunches on your own)
  • Maximum # of participants is 8


Full Pay: $750 – Best Price


2 Payments: Deposit of $400 + 1 Payment of $387.50 (Total = $787.50)

During Days Two & Three of the Experience you will…

  • Work with the horses to learn how to enhance and embody the Five Roles of a Master Herder.
  • Engage in equine experiences to practice several key skills featured in the 12 Power of the Herd Guiding Principles.
  • Be safely challenged and efficiently taught by Lisa and the horses the more advanced skills of the Master Herder.
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