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Messages Behind the Movements

A one-day Master Class for equine assisted practitioners!

june-gunter-landscapeEquine Alchemy is proud to promote Master Facilitator June Gunter of TeachingHorse for an intimate workshop at her farm in Selma, NC on Friday, May 5th, 2017.

June brings 30 years of leadership development experience along with 15 years of Equine Assisted Leadership development with many national and international companies.

“One of the greatest gifts I have received is the opportunity to combine my love of horses with my talent for developing leaders and teams. I look forward to sharing them with you!” ~JG

Practitioners will learn to integrate herd dynamics and horse behavior into equine experiential learning and coaching interactions. Our work requires us to serve as a bridge between the horse and human worlds. Every movement of a horse’s body is the equivalent of a sentence in English. Every social interaction between herd members is a window into horse culture. The intent of this course is to deepen practitioner capability to translate the physical, mental, and emotional behaviors of horses into language human beings can see, hear and apply to their own learning and transformation.


During this workshop you will…

1. Learn The Diamond Model of Shared Leadership that was developed by TeachingHorse, LLC and inspired by how horses lead their herds.

2. Practice using the language of the Diamond Model to make herd / horse behavior visible to learners and clients.

3. Practice listening to and speaking to horse behavior as a source of learning and insight that reflects the horses’ innate wisdom.


The Diamond Model of Shared Leadership (to the right) was developed at TeachingHorse, LLC as a simple framework to guide decision-making in the midst of complexity and uncertainty. Each of the learning experiences with horses is designed to develop individual and team capability to share leadership using enhanced skill in paying attention, setting direction, focusing energy, and being congruent.


Lisa and SchelliWe are thrilled and delighted to share June’s skillful talents and teaching ability with the Equine Alchemy herd and beyond! Not only is she able to interpret every message behind every movement our horses make, but her skill at teaching others how to do this has already greatly enhanced our own facilitation and coaching skills! We would LOVE for every equine assisted facilitator and coach to be able to participate in this workshop and truly raise the standard of expertise in our industry! 


 Date: Friday May 5th / 9:30am to 3:30-ish pm

 Where: Southern Grace Farm – Selma, NC

 Registration: $275 – includes lunch, snacks, handouts

 Maximum Participants: 10




See You at the Farm!

 ~Lisa and Schelli


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