Horse sense for humansA young woman enters the gate. She is calm, and I feel as though we may understand each other. I wonder if she will come closer.

She does! I lift my head and look at her. Her energy is less clear now; we are in danger of falling out of sync.

It was so easy at first! What changed?

What is she thinking? What does she want from me? She feels fuzzy.

She stops. Ah, yes. We are still in step. I can see she is also confused.

I take a few steps away from her, feeling the pressure she’s putting on us. She senses this, I think. She gathers her energy about her and suddenly there is no pressure. I do not think she is confused.

Come closer, human. I believe that we are safe. She comes, and places her hand upon my back. We are safe. She moves to my neck, and we are connected. She is so open again. As she steps away, I follow her.

Wait! I like you! This has been so nice! And she invited me to walk with her, and we did; in step, in sync, safe, and close. Does she feel the same things?

Why was she so tense and confused?

I hope our bond has balanced her. I hope she can see how easy it is to make a connection.