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Becoming the authentic version YOU of you rarely happens in minutes…it is a journey of connecting your heart with its fundamental nature so you can find joy and live your purpose.

Equine Alchemy is a powerful part of this transformational journey. Once you spend 20 minutes in the presence of a horse, with gentle and safe guidance, your life will be forever changed.

Let horse wisdom be part of your journey…

The Art of Combining (ICF) Coaching
and Equine Facilitation

“What makes Equine Alchemy’s  Equine Assisted Coach Certification Program so unique is its focus on the art of inviting horses in as experiential learning partners to deepen the coaching.”

~ Barb Korosec (New York) CPCC, ACC,
Equine Alchemy Certified Coach

The Equine-Assisted Coaching Experience

Discover the transformative power of coaching with horses, as it harmonizes the head, heart, and spirit. Engage in a meaningful relationship with these magnificent animals, learn to respect boundaries, and interpret emotions—both yours and theirs.  

Embark on an enlightening journey toward self-awareness.


What strengths do you bring to Equine Assisted Coaching?

Deep self-awareness and knowing your path in life is a powerful step in creating your work in the service of others. Once you are fully aware of your strengths, we will help you discover how to develop these strengths to craft a path forward in your work with
horses and coaching!

Click below to discover YOUR Equine Assisted Coaching strengths!

“Lisa has guided me to healing so deep and profound that my heart and soul are finally free to dance and be in the moment. I have never felt more present and connected to everything around me”

~Maddy Zamel Director of Operations, Clinical Mind,
Medical Communications

The Journey of Becoming the Best Version of YOU.

Experience Equine Alchemy and turn your potential into GOLD.

Alchemy was medieval chemists’ attempts to turn base metals into gold.  Equine Alchemy does the same but the riches derived from working with horses is full of emotional enrichment and lessons learned about self and consistently proves to be much more valuable than gold.

Equine Assisted Leadership and Team Development

A necessary step toward leadership and performance enhancement is recognizing the authentic leadership roles that people naturally assume in any given situation, and strengthening the additional roles needed to inspire and deliver excellence.

This awareness supports the growth of personal leadership within the team environment and increases the ability to recognize and connect with others’ leadership styles.

The result: a solid foundation for innovation,
creativity and impeccable performance.

Some of our greatest teachers of the awareness and personal leadership come from a most unlikely place, the animal kingdom. Horses, living and leading their herds, demonstrate natural truths about leadership that can assist us in becoming more agile and adaptive enabling socially intelligent leadership.

Equine Alchemy combines, parent company, MetaSystem Integrated Strategies’  approach to leadership development…
tested through 20 years of global corporate leadership development, executive coaching and organization development.

Our leadership programs with horses are built upon
evidence-based concepts and principles.

Equine Alchemy
Equine Alchemy Co-team