Coach Lilly EquineAlchemy.comIt’s a cool spring day and the sun feels warm on my coat. Outside the round pen a woman is preparing to come in with me. I wonder who I’m going to meet today?

The woman’s energy changes from swirly, anxious anticipation to a grounded sense of peace.

Everything is going to be okay.

She’s coming in now, she feels nice. I step up to greet her and we walk off together, in the sun, with the cool breeze. It feels easy.


Wait! What just happened? It doesn’t feel easy anymore.

That grounded sense of peace is gone. The swirly energy is back. I don’t know how humans can stand to feel like that!

The woman is talking to Coach Schelli, said she was afraid I would stop walking with her because she’s never done this before! She said she is stuck in her head, (I lick and chew with her words).

The swirly, messy energy intensifies the more she talks. Coach Schelli asks her to remember how she felt when she first came in here with me. After several tries the woman is able to come back to the awareness of her whole body, and of me here with her. Ah, that’s better, it feels easy again to be together.

Let’s go for a walk in the sun!