Part of Equine Alchemy’s work with horses is teaching people how to discover
unconscious aspects of themselves as well as prepare coaches, current and future,
how to coach from this place of intersubjectivity; two sentient beings sharing the
same subjective state.

Horse Sense for Humans is taking on an additional voice going forward; our
Equine Coaches, as usual, and the voice of the human and what they learned
from the experience. 

  First, we’ll hear the equine coach’s experience.

 Coach Spanky walks out into the arena.

 “Wow!  This energy is so heavy and intense;
  I don’t know what’s happening to me… It is so
  powerful that I find it difficult to focus.  I have to
  lie down. (Down goes Coach Spanky…flat out
  on the ground, and fast asleep).

Next thing I know I wake up! (Coach Spanky gets up and shakes it off).
I’m not sure what happened …The energy was so heavy… I just had to have a nap. 

It feels different now.  I see the new human and my human, Lisa, standing together.  I go and
join them.  Yes, this feels better, lighter.  (Taking a big yawn and breath), now we can continue…

She is breathing.  I am not so tired anymore either.  It’s easy to stand here by her and let her
know that she is not alone.  She doesn’t have to carry all of that heaviness and intensity.  She
can lean on me.   Oh…what a beautiful hug from her; so much love and relief… for us both.

The HUMAN’s Experience
“I am so tired… I can hardly stand up or breathe…I need sleep…..  I know this workshop is
a gift from my husband to give me some relief for having a rambunctious 4 year old, a toddler
and just giving birth a couple of months ago but I feel sad and guilty for my lack of joy at all of
my blessings. 

I’m not sure what I’m supposed to be doing.  I feel like I’m walking in my sleep and hardly
conscious.  Lisa is giving me instructions for leading a pony from my head energy I think. 
Here comes the pony.  What’s he doing?  He’s laying down flat and going to sleep!  Is he
supposed to be doing that?  I don’t understand.  Now what? 

We are supposed to be in action.   Everyone is quiet.  Lisa asks me if I’m holding my breath. 
I don’t realize it but I am; I feel like I’m holding myself together with glue.  I begin breathing
and then the tears come and come and come.  ‘I am so tired’ is all I can say.

That’s when Lisa asks me if I feel like Spanky, the flat on the ground sleeping pony.  I laugh
and say yes!  She explains that he knows he’s supposed to be walking around with you leading
him, but he felt my fatigue, and as horses do, joined that energy and took a nap! 

The difference between us is that he feels how he feels, doesn’t judge himself for feeling that
way (and not getting into action), and responds to what he needs.  Right now it is a nap!  She
asks me how this feels and again I cry.  It is so validating and confirming for me that this is
HOW I FEEL.  I don’t have to deny this and feel guilty.

I take in a deep breath and all of the sudden Spanky gets up and shakes and then walks over
to me.  He just stands there quietly as if to say, ‘it’s alright to be tired.  It’s ok to take care of you. 
And you are not alone.’ 

I feel so fragile and vulnerable…and yet I feel more courage to go forward. I give him a hug
full of relief and love.”

For you as a reader…
What did you notice? Spanky was responding to the human’s conscious and unconscious energy.
This was a beautiful example of emotional agility from Spanky.  Noticing how he felt, responding
to it, and then going back to grazing, after his nap of course!! 

A powerful learning opportunity for the human who was drowning in her fatigue, sadness and guilt. 
Seeing and experiencing her state through Spanky put it into another dimension so that she could 
see it from an objective state.

This is the intersubjectivity that happens between horses and humans.  We can learn so much
from our animals.  Not the least of which is how to be more evolved humans!!

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