In-Person Coaching with Lisa and the Horses

Equine Alchemy


Horses taught me the language of somatics, (relating to the body, especially as distinct from the mind), and emotions, which show up in the body physically.
These magnificent sentient beings showed me that I was more than just a body. That there was a deep something inside of me beyond the body I’d been living in for years.
It was from this point that I could cultivate a different relationship with my body and the sensations inside to help guide me through life.
This was only possible through developing a relationship with horses, and their highly developed sense of physical and energetic fields, and a coach that would hold the space for me to learn and experience a whole ‘me’.
This was the beginning of my journey of transforming the stress and trauma I’d been unconsciously living into a way of creating safety from within rather than always expecting it from others and my environment. I would be honored to be your support and guide on your journey to experience yourself fully!!
With ease and grace,

Your body has already begun talking to you.

It’s time to learn how to communicate with your body to…

Release the stuck trauma and stress living within you

Working with the horses encourages a lifelong dialogue between you and your body via a practice of listening to parts of your felt experience that you may never have realized were speaking.


Individual Coaching Sessions

During these sessions we will focus directly on your specific issues and challenges, explore what you really want going forward and come up with an action plan for getting there.

Coaching Packages

Three Sessions
Let’s face it. Many times one session is just not enough. Part of the plan we co-create can involve spending some time on behaviors and unconscious influences that get in your way of achieving the life and business you have always wanted. The 3 session goal-focused package gives us more time to make sure we thoroughly cover your needs and allows time in between our sessions for integration.


Ten Session Possibility Mentor Package
Have you ever wished you could have a custom made-for-you intensive where you and your mentor have the time, space and clear intention to do the deep work necessary to shift a deeply entrenched belief system, trauma or re-occurring issue in your life?

In this Possibility Mentor Package we combine the luxury of time, intention and  your inner guidance of just exactly what needs to be cleared, released, healed and processed. Plus we also have the time and clarity to create the next steps in any area where you are wanting to movement and greater success.

Private In-Person Horse Coaching
in Arizona

 Four Day Private Retreat of Private Coaching with and without the Horse Coaches!