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Horse Dancing…a powerful step on your path of self-discovery.

This short video speaks to the ‘heart’ of Equine Assisted Coaching, giving you an opportunity to feel what this work is all about.  Julianna wanted to experience freedom of movement, to dance, and to shine from her authentic self in this part of her equine assisted coaching sessionWe began with human coaching, transitioned to equine coaching and after, resumed her human life coaching to process her experience and integrate those insights into her life.


Equine Alchemy’s Life Coaching with Horses
is a strategy for becoming the best version of you.

This work illuminates how current behavior patterns, and assumptions are impacting your life, for better or worse… information you need to choose thriving, healthy relationships and successful businesses.

Equine Assisted Coaching supports you to uncover your essential “you-ness”, the values, interests and passions that define who you are in life and the world. Once you understand yourself, you’re able to define a clear vision of your best self and map out your route to get there.

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Equine Assisted Coach Training Certification

This pathway is for you if you are ready to commit to the deepest, most transformative work of your life! International Coach Federation accredited coaching and facilitation training is for the individual who…

  • Wants a career in the field of personal and professional transformation!
  • Is ready to break free of their own self-imposed limitations.
  • Understands that their soul’s work requires a ‘herd’ of support and guidance.