I’ve noticed that there are many more Equine Assisted Coaching Programs out there than ever before!  Whoo-hoo!  That means this powerful work is becoming more accessible to all of the people and organizations who need it!  Indeed, the time of the horse is again, here!

It is also time to differentiate between the growing numbers of programs.  Models and approaches to this valuable journey in transformation vary widely!  I would like to begin this differentiation in approaches by sharing Equine Alchemy’s approach to Equine Assisted Coaching though what students are learning in their International Coach Federation and Equine Alchemy Coach Certification journey!!

After all we are the only ICF approved programming in the world with horses!!  (That’s ACSTH in ICF lingo; Accredited Coach Specific Training Hours!) Our approach is based upon this credible foundation and my 20+ years of coaching and consulting. 

Now let’s hear from Michelle Clayton, Equine Alchemy and ICF Certified coaching in training and how she is experiencing our coaching model!!

“This coaching model embodies the science and art of doing what you love while awakening and inspiring the hearts of your clients. The model itself reminds me of an extemporaneous dance between client and coach,involving trust, exploration, championing, cohesiveness that evokes transformation and new knowledge and form learned while creating. The final choreographed number evolves from the challenges, trust, movements and voices of the co creating coach and client. 

Beautifully put, Michelle!!  Stay tuned for more!