Equine Alchemy’s 2021 IN-PERSON & ONLINE Equine Assisted Coach Certification!!!

What is Equine Assisted Coaching?

An experience combining humans and horses through a series of discussions and equestrian guided activities on the ground.  Some of the powerful benefits include…

  • Expanding personal awareness.

  • Improving relationships with other sentient beings (animals and humans).

This ground-breaking and comprehensive ICF approved
Equine Assisted Coach Training programming is designed to give you…

All the resources you need to develop a thriving coaching practice, and ICF certification!

Both through completely online classes or a combination of
online and in-person programming.

You can begin your journey of helping others become their best selves
right here, right now.

Equine Alchemy’s ICF Approved Coach Training Programming is a powerful first step.

This pioneering Equine Assisted Coach Certification Program is a combination of International Coach Federation Coaching skills and Horse Wisdom insights. Plus is the ONLY certification program that gives you the following…

~ Everything you need to apply for ICF certification and become an ICF Certified Coach.

~ Further employ Eponaquest Equine Facilitated Learning through proven group coaching skills.

~ Create a transformational experience for your client through the seamless integration of these 2 skill sets.

                        Join Lisa Murrell on your journey to becoming a Master Equine Assisted Coach!

What strengths do you bring to Equine Assisted Coaching?

Deep self-awareness and knowing your path in life is a powerful step in creating your work in the service of others. Once you are fully aware of your strengths, we will help you discover how to develop these strengths to craft a path forward in your work with
horses and coaching!

Click below to discover YOUR Equine Assisted Coaching gifts!

“Equine Alchemy’s EAC is life altering and well worth every dollar and travel mile spent!”

Coaching is all about transformational change and designing the future.

At a little more than half-way through Equine Alchemy’s Equine Assisted Coach Certification programming, I realize that I have already experienced very large quantities of both, not so much in who I am, more so on how I am, including a restored passion for where I’m going. I am well on my way toward achieving a long held “life-work” dream that less than a year ago I believed was simply impossible.

Kenneth W. Buck, Equine Alchemy Certified Coach, ACC,
www. HorseCentred.com

International Coach Federation
Equine Assisted Coaching ONLINE Learning Tracks 2021


There are two tracks that happen simultaneously in this course. The ICF Coaching Track, and the Equine Facilitated Learning Track, all integrated into three or four 4-day Fundamental Skill Set (FSS) intensives with the horses. To the left is a sample syllabus.

However, these are not normal times.

Now Intensives are LIVE ONLINE! Me with my horses and you with yours!

ICF Approved Equine Assisted Coaching Course Components…

  • ICF Coach Training Modules online.
  • EFL homework videoed/uploaded to electronic dashboard for review/feedback.
  • Integration of ICF Coach Training and EFL work during  LIVE ONLINE INTENSIVES WITH THE HORSES.
  • Detailed curriculum of reading and experiential learning exercises.
  • ONLINE’ Monthly Live FSS intensives — two half days.
  • Same materials covered as in person intensives.

“There is a huge need for men to do this work.”

Chris Hover, Equine Alchemy Certified Coach, ACC, ICF

My journey with Equine Alchemy…

This transferred to my life on multiple levels, including making me a much sharper, more masterful coach, an unstoppable business owner, and a worthy partner in relationships!

Annemieken Van Reepingen
Pyschologist / MD