Coach Cloud: I’ll follow your heart.

I worked with 3 humans today, one at a time. They were all so different.

The first woman was soft and open, no particular agenda or request. We hung out for a long time. I nearly fell asleep. Then she decide to get a little more active. I knew she wanted me to do something but there was no clear message. She walked around some. Approached and retreated. Her energy felt nice yet it wasn’t connected to anything I could understand. Eventually she picked up a stick and waved it to get my attention. Oh, she wants me to move my feet! Once she was clear on what she wanted to do together we went for a walk around some cones. Easy-peasy.

The next woman came in with a clear heart and mind. She was ready to move with me. I approached her right away and she went with me and then I went with her. Kind of like a dance. There was no uncertainty about how we might be together as we went around the cones. Just a mutual respect.

Later a third woman came in to work with me. There was kind of a buzzy feeling coming from her and I couldn’t understand what she wanted. It felt like she was aiming that buzzy energy right at me. I turned my back to try to avoid it. Finally Coach Lisa came in and helped the woman to get present in her body, to hold her own space and to ask for my attention with action from her heart. The buzzy feeling subsided and I was able to be with her… for a while, then it came back. But she caught herself and went back to her heart, to being present with me. Oh, that’s so much easier to move with!

I’ll always follow your heart.