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steeped in ease and grace

See the power-of-the-herd from a one-day workshop in New Mexico 2014


Equine Assisted Leadership and Team Development with Amazon Web Services in Colorado! Enjoy!

a video love letter

Join Jessica Krane on her 18-month journey through the Equine Alchemy International Coach Federation Accredited Coach Training Program

coaching through emotional agility

Watch as Lisa Murrell and Coach Pinot engage in Equine Assisted Coaching.

the transformational power of the horse

The Equine Assisted Coaching Experience.

spirit coaching with horses

The presence of the divine is unquestionable in this work.


Equine Alchemy’s Horse Wisdom in Life and Coaching!


Emotional Agility Part 1 -- Boundaries

by Lisa Murrell

Emotional Agility Part 2 -- Emotions

by Lisa Murrell

EA Part 3 -- Personal Leadership

by Lisa Murrell

How to tell people what you do!

by Lisa Murrell

Free Lunging

by Lisa Murrell

Equine Alchemy with Psychic Wives Podcast

by Lisa Murrell


Coaching through Intersubjectivity

How Self-Aware Are You?

How You Are In One Relationship = How You Are In All Relationships

Where are you on YOUR Hero’s Journey? Find out through the Coach’s New Hero’s Journey

Leadership, Coaching and Horses

What is happening when we “Coach from the Heart”?