Coach Simon EqineAlchemy.comI’m working with a very nice human today. She has a softness about her that is pleasant to be with. I think she has a plan to lead me somewhere but she hasn’t actually shared it with me yet.

She wants me to go with her but I say, “No!”.

She laughs and stops pulling on me. After a moment of chatting with Coach Schelli I feel her shift. Her heart opens and she is smiling, she rubs her hand across the warm part of my neck, under my mane. Then she walks off with the lead rope again. I guess she expects me to go with her but I don’t know where she is going.

I say, “No!”.

Again, she laughs. After a moment of talking she shifts her energy deep into her gut and all the way into her legs. When she gets to the end of the lead line and pulls on my head I go with her. Her energy is compelling though we aren’t actually ‘together’. She drags me around some cones.

“Well, I got it done,” she says when we get back to where we began. “It felt good to accomplish the goal, but I don’t like the way it felt while I was doing it.”

Coach Schelli asks her to now ‘think’ about her plan for our walk together, ‘share’ that plan with me from her heart and then add the power and energy from her gut to put the plan into action.

Our client becomes transformed as her energy aligns with her head, heart and gut. I now feel like a partner with her and understand the plan! This time when she walks off I am in sync with her every step. There is no pulling or dragging on the lead line. We are a team.

This time, Simon says, “Go!”.