Energy #2 -The Energy of Connection

We are all part of the same universe. Duality and believing ourselves separate is something that keeps us from experiencing that connectivity.

The very mystery of life is intelligent connection. Our bodies know this and have been in total connection with all aspects of itself for millions of years. According to Deepak Chopra, “our cell’s ancient wisdom is connected to the only wisdom older than they; the cosmos”.

The energy of connection is alive and well in our bodies. Consider that every cell in your body is in service of the whole; its individual welfare comes second. And all cells are constantly in touch with each other. They also recognize each other as equally important. Our cells know that they exist for a higher purpose and they do not try to exist on their own.

Our body’s wisdom is a good entry point for us to observe the essence of connection. Listen and bring this wisdom out into the light of day.

What do horses teach us about the energy of connection?
Horses are much like the cells in our bodies. They create and depend upon connection for their survival. They live as a herd knowing that a lone existence is perilous. They also know that there are specific roles for each of them to play in the herd, each role working together towards a thriving and protected herd system. Horses require connection from us humans if we are going to be in a relationship with them. They are very giving creatures, but they live by the law of reciprocity and the energy of connection.

How do we cultivate this connection with a horse? We must become aware of and honor who we are.

Why is connection energy important in self-awareness?
Robert Johnson writes in his book, “Owning your Own Shadow”, that whatever we see in others is a reflection of who we are. Some call this ‘projection’, which happens, often unconsciously, when our true nature is obscured by feelings we refuse to acknowledge in ourselves. Through being in relationship and connection with others we have an opportunity to acknowledge these parts of ourselves.

There lies within us so many hidden jewels; shadow wisdom I like to call it. Those aspects of ourselves that, when acknowledged, provide profound insight into who we are. Until we are able to integrate those aspects that were perhaps ‘conditioned’ out of us by family culture or society, we will never be fully whole and connected with ourselves. Our relationships will continue to be reflections of who we haven’t accepted yet, keeping us from fully connecting others and the mystery of life for the greater good of all concerned..

Energy #3 – The Energy of Emotional Agility

Emotional agility is the ability to listen to our body’s sensations and emotions, interpret these messages of wisdom and allow them to guide right action in our lives. Through recognizing our entire bodies as a sensory device and embracing our emotions, we not only use less energy, we live our lives more fully in the present.

I refer to emotion as “the sixth sense” without any information of supernatural processes. In fact, I believe emotion was unjustifiably denied existence as a sense because its organ is the entire body, not a specific orifice. This sense organ does not function at the skin level of touch, but as an internal excitation brought about by resonance—much like sympathetic strings resonate to an outside sound even though they have not been struck or bowed directly. It’s also possible that emotion was denied as a sense because our culture, for one reason or another, has empathized the suppression of the emotions.

What do horses teach us about emotional agility?
Creatures with a keen emotional sense cannot easily be manipulated or lied to; they are only comfortable when authentic feelings and motivations are being acknowledged.

The behavior of horses provides a dramatic illustration of this point. They live the four aspects of emotional agility every moment of every day. It is in their nature to:

  • Practice constant awareness of everything around them through what they see, hear, sense and feel.
  • Recognize the wisdom from within in the form of messages from their bodies.
  • Respond with appropriate action or inaction, depending upon what is required.
  • ‘Go back to grazing’ and nourish themselves in the present with no worry for the past or the future!

Horses teach us that emotions are a wise and critical part of walking the path of a ConsciousWarrior.

Why is Emotional Agility important in self-awareness?
If you do not listen to your body, then you are not fully aware of yourself. Without self-awareness, it is difficult to live and work from a place of mindfulness and presence; which is the path a Spiritual Warrior walks.

Self-awareness begins with feeling and experiencing your feelings.

Learning to recognize and stay with our feelings isn’t something we were taught at school. Feeling and managing our emotions is a skill set; one that most of us don’t readily have and must be practiced if we want to live from our entire selves.

Two of the basic concepts of emotional agility are discernment and detachment. In other words, emotional agility teaches us that just because we feel something, we don’t have to act on it. For example, we can be angry and choose how to respond rather than let the anger control us.

The more we know about how we feel and ways to feel, release, be with, or let go of our feelings, the more aware and authentic we can be.