Energy #4 The Energy of Detachment

Detachment, also expressed as non-attachment, is a state in which a person overcomes his or her attachment to desire for things, people or concepts of the world and thus attaining a heightened perspective.

It is also viewed as the main obstacle on the path of a Conscious Warrior. Many traditions identify the lack of detachment with the continuous worries and restlessness produced by desire.

Ironically, by desiring things to work out just as you envision, you are actually limiting your possibilities and your clients’!

When I hear this, it makes so much sense. My attachment to something is limiting the world’s infinite possibilities at best. Think about it…if you are attached to something this could mean that you are acting as though the thing, concept or state to which you are attached is the best way for the universe to unfold for the greater good of all. Or even that there is one ‘best’ way for the universe and you to unfold.

Detachment requires faith…in something. Faith in a greater good, or intelligence and faith that we are part of that greater good and intelligence. This is where listening to your body comes in…when we are listening to our bodies, we are listening to our body’s intelligence, which is connected to and a part of the larger intelligence.

Your body will let you know when you are experiencing attachment. Honor your body’s messages and let go of what you feel you ‘must’ have. The energy of detachment enables us to go with the greater flow vs. going against it; limiting ourselves and creating resistance and blocks in our paths to fulfillment.

What do horses teach us about energy of detachment?
Attachment is a human thing. Horses do not waste their precious energy wanting things, people or each other to be a certain way. They save their energy for thriving and surviving. Humans, on the other hand, seems to have no end to the amount of energy we will spend on ‘wanting things and people’ to be different. It is no wonder that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Autoimmune disorders are near epidemic!

Detachment is also defined as freedom from bias or prejudice. I have a talk that I give entitled ‘Absence of Judgment’. It is all about how I grew up always being judged or judging others. When I began working with horses it was a journey of reprogramming and developing new neural pathways to living life without judgment.

Horses respond to us with such authenticity that is completely absent of any judgment or bias. They are responding to us as we are—not judging us for what we are not based upon their attachment to us being a certain way.

Why is detachment energy important in self-awareness?
We are inundated with too much to do, stress and too little time. Exhaustion and frustration are rampant. By focusing on what we desire we are actually focusing on what we don’t have as opposed to what we do have. This takes more energy and we are so often focused on the future that we are completely absent from the present.

One of my clients shares her experience as a way of understanding the importance of detachment to her self-awareness and life;

“(Equine Coach) Simon taught me so much! I realized the deeper meaning about living in the present. Raised as a Jehovah’s Witness, we were taught to always look forward to Armageddon. This future that we would live in would be a ‘perfect world of paradise.’ If we died as a ‘believer’, focusing on the future and Armageddon, we would be resurrected into that perfect world, (and non-believers dead for eternity). What a gift to understand where this “living-in-the-future” stems from!! I’m so grateful to Simon for the experience of how it can really feel to be in the present without attachment to the future”.

Energy #5 – The Energy of Discipline

One of my spiritual teachers, Swami Gurumayi Chidvilasanda reveals in her book, “The Yoga of Discipline”, that by developing discipline of the senses, we can experience the deeper joys of life and live fully in the awareness of God. The Practice of Discipline is all about deeper joy!

This practice is also about freedom. The acts of discipline in carrying out your commitments free you of the energy bandits of desire and attachment. It is from here that we can change our context from one that is focused on lack to one that is open to possibilities. The practice of discipline enables you the freedom to live your life fully by attending to the other practices.

What do horses teach us about the energy of discipline?
Although horses are large and take up a great deal of space, one thing they require is that we hold our own space as well. Many of you may be familiar with the term, ‘Energy Vampires’; people who are always needing something from you. These relationships are one sided; one person doing all of the taking.

As with humans, horses feel this neediness and lack of presence and as animals who conserve energy for survival versus expending it for no purpose, they will not normally engage with these humans. If we want to be in relationship with a horse, we must acknowledge ourselves and show up fully. Only then can we co-create a joyful relationship of give and receive.

Horses teach us the discipline of presence and accountability of self.

Why is discipline energy important in self-awareness?
Without discipline, our senses can run wild, and often do. Our senses and feelings are part of who we are, however, we don’t have to let them be in charge of everything! If we allow our senses to ‘take’ over, we become out of alignment with ourselves and have difficulty accessing our intellect, important messages from our emotions, and our ability to get into action from our power, the gut. When our senses are out of balance from lack of discipline, we become their prisoners; focusing only on them and how we can meet their needs. How can we increase self-awareness when we are not aware of our entire selves?