Energy, horses and self-awareness. Wow! These 3 aspects in the same sentence evoke a powerful feeling. Imagine what they can evoke when practiced together!

Let’s examine this a bit more closely…

First, what is a Conscious Warrior?

A warrior who listens to their own spirit is someone who can sit in each moment with the intention to experience whatever the heart and its infinite wisdom wants to give in that moment. It is the attitude of the conscious warrior who dedicates herself to ongoing awareness—for growth, and transformation.

Life Skills through Horse Wisdom
As herd animals, horses can teach us much about living together in authentic community. They survive through sensing what is going on in their environment and responding accordingly; for the good of themselves and the herd—life skills of which humans are in sore need.

Self-awareness and Being Consciousness
I have come to discover that the deepest self-awareness happens when we allow and accept all of who we are. To do this, it is necessary to consider every level and dimension of our lives in order to affect deep consciousness and awareness.

What are the 5 energies of a Conscious Warrior?

Horses and Conscious Warriors incorporate 5 Energies to create and sustain a healthy herd. These energies guide and sustain correct action.

  1. Congruence
  2. Connection
  3. Emotional and Energetic Agility
  4. Detachment
  5. Discipline

Energy #1: The Energy of Congruence

Is who you are on the inside congruent with who you are on the outside?

Congruence, or alignment, is based on trust. Do you trust life when you reveal who you really are? Do you trust that when you are completely yourself people will understand and accept you?

Can others trust you to be who you say you are and do what you say you will do? Are you one of those ‘what you see is what you get’ people? If your answer is not totally ‘yes’ then you are not fully living in the energy of congruence.

Trusting that we are perfect just as we are and that life unfolds exactly as it should for the greater good is the energy of a Conscious Warrior. If we act like we believe we are perfect, but do not hold the energy of it inside of us, then we become like a sieve; letting the energy and declarations of trust seep out; enabling life to turn out just like our stories about being less than perfect and not worthy of being taken care of.

A Warrior must not only hold and live in the energy of congruence, she must be aware of when she is out of alignment within herself. Furthermore, she must, without judgment, shame or blame, gently guide herself back into alignment between what she wants to believe and what she truly believes. This is the energy of congruence.

What do horses teach us about the energy of congruence?
Perhaps you have heard that horses never lie? It’s true. They are guided by listening to their bodies and read our human energy; not our minds.

Their natural warning systems tell them whenever anything, or anyone, is in-congruent and signals a fight or flight response for their survival. What this means to humans is that, although unconscious, our lack of true belief in who we are is a big red energetic flag to horses. They can sense subtle changes in the blood pressure and heart beat that occurs when we are out of alignment or feeling certain emotions such as fear and vulnerability (which feels just like fear).

The work with horses draws many people who are on their spiritual paths. Interestingly, the horses don’t always share their human’s sense of devotion. In fact, because their spiritual path is often what these people want to believe rather than what they truly believe, there is an energetic in-congruence that the horses sense immediately. This results in the horses’ lack of interest in the person or downright distancing themselves from them because they don’t trust this feeling of what they see being in-congruent with what they feel.

Because our lack of alignment is mostly unconscious, the horses’ response and behavior gives us the gift of awareness that something isn’t quite congruent and the opportunity to grow from this new awareness.

Why is congruence important to self-awareness and consciousness?
Congruence of our beliefs is critical to integration and wholeness of self; the goal of the Spiritual Warrior. When we move through life without self-awareness, we continue the pattern of separation between what we want to believe and what we truly believe. This separation…

  • Is an energy bandit—It takes more work to keep ourselves separate!
  • Blocks our success—The universe wants us to ‘come together’ but if we block that energy flow, we can’t; resulting in less than optimal health and happiness.
  • Keeps us from living our lives fully—Our bodies hold ancient wisdom for us. If who we are on the inside is different from who we are on the outside, we live a life of doubt from either the inside or the outside never fully attaining the congruence needed for a peaceful and powerful mind/body state.