2023/24 Events

Equine Alchemy’s Equine Assisted Coach Training Certification Program — STILL THE ONLY ICF APPROVED EQUINE ASSISTED COACH TRAINING PROGRAMMING IN THE WORLD!!  

Next Cohort begins September 2023!

This ground-breaking and comprehensive Equine Assisted Coach Training programming is designed to give you…

  • All the resources you need to develop a thriving coaching practice, with and without horses!

  • All requirements to apply for International Coach Federation Certification including 132 Coach Specific Training  Hours.

Online Coaching Classes can begin immediately!!

IN-PERSON Intensives with the horses in September, 2023

With Lisa Murrell

Moving Beyond Your Limiting Beliefs
through Horse Wisdom

An experience exploring the ‘magic’ horses offer humans. This 3-day experience with the horses is a full immersion into Equine Alchemy for your personal transformation journey.   Read More…

Equine Alchemy’s ICF Coach Training
and Business Essentials Home Study Course

The Equine Alchemy Home Study Course is really two programs integrated into one (we’re all about integration at Equine Alchemy).

First is “Coaching Basics for the Equine Assisted Practitioner”, the second is “Business Essentials for the Equine Practitioner”.    Read More..


Online Class Begins Anytime!

With Lisa Murrell

Five Roles Seminar

Equine Alchemy’s Business Essentials through Horse Wisdom!

Course Components and highlights…

  • 4 LIVE Business Essentials Modules

  • Create the Container for your Success

  • Deep dive into your Personal Soul Essence & Brand

  • The Money Spot–Finding Your Perfect Herd

  • Your Personal Wealth Formula

  • Plus…An enrollment conversation that converts to clients!


With  Lisa Murrell